Our services

Full Dental Examination and Prevention

From here we start, in the initial examination we perform clinical examinations with microscopic accuracy, including full x-rays.

Based on the results of the initial examination, we will prepare a treatment plan for you and explain everything in detail. You can arrange treatment steps over time as you see fit.

Microscopic Root Canal Treatment and Restorative

We perform endodontic treatment or root canal treatment using a Zeiss OPMI pico microscope, which allows us to perform the treatment with high accuracy.

We perform aesthetic white fillings using reliable composite materials. Comfort and painless treatment are assured.

Crowns and Bridges - CAD / CAM Technology

The advanced CEREC system allows us to perform dental prosthetics with the greatest possible speed, comfort, and quality.

One visit treatment – Whether it’s a fixed crown, bridge or aesthetic Veneers, we’ll provide it in one visit.

Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

Our dental office offers various dental procedures, including dental implants and extraction of wisdom teeth.

Our surgical unit – IMPLANT CENTER 2, allows us to perform procedures effectively and minimally invasive. We use German and Swiss implant systems.

Comfort, painlessness, and postoperative care are guaranteed.

Dental Hygiene

Our hygienist provides a professional dental hygiene and teeth whitening.

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